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Church Consulting Business Program for Church Growth and Development

Do you wonder why church and its ministry are torpid? Standing out of the limelight and judging a church can be easy, but in general it is not so easy. Why your churches have fewer members? Why does less number of people join Sunday mass? Why church gets involved into in-house politics? These are some of the rare questions that run in someone's mind.

Today's church need to be very practical in spiritually and in ministry level and this can be all done by church consulting business. Basically, church consultants focus on experience, solving critical issues and ways to lead church leaders and members. They should have passion in church building program and implement latest methods to grow it in a hassle-free manner. In order to get started with church growth consultants there are few steps that one should follow. Here below are simple steps:

    Create your business essentials: The first thing that you need to concentrate is to convert inexpert to experts. At first, you should launch your own website that speaks about church consulting. Make sure that your website is embedded with popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and others. On a regular basis, you need to update your views and thoughts about church growth on all social media platforms, as this will drag wide audiences from your place and also from other parts of the country. Take the help of a good developer who can create a well designed logo for your company. For client relationship, you need to finalize all legal documents.
A nice business card an important thing: Church growth consultants should have their own business card. It is not a good idea to choose a costly and well designed business card; rather you should create a card that people will love to keep. A card that should have your name, designation, your company logo, your phone number, email and address.
Testimonial matters: Ask your friends and closed ones to give short testimonials for your website regarding your church consulting service. You can put short description about their idea of your service. Putting small videos can bring a definite status to your website in the long-run.
 Implementation of best content strategy: On daily basis update your website and blog with new fresh contents related to church building program. You can also put small description related to a specific missionary program on social media websites.

Follow these above steps will surely help you and also a church in growth and development. Hence, what are you waiting for? Look for a church consultant online. Today!

Senin, 28 September 2015

Important Aspects of Nominating for Life Insurance

Due to much focus on higher foreign direct investment in the insurance industry, an important aspect of the Insurance Amendment Act 2015 was unnoticed. This clause makes it easier for dependents of insured person to claim insurance proceeds after the policyholder's demise.

This clause skips the probability of disagreements among family members over death benefits. Earlier, nominee in life insurance were not considered as beneficiaries. They are like receivers of the insurance proceeds on behalf of the legal heirs of the insured.

As per new act, a ‘beneficial nominee' segment has created. It includes policyholder's old relatives only. Today, if the insured mentions his parents, spouse or children as his nominees in a term plan, then they become beneficial owners of the claim proceeds.

Till now, insurance companies in India could give the claim benefits to the nominee and then other legal heir could claim the benefits from the nominee. Now, if legal heirs claim the benefits, insurer pays the benefits to the beneficial nominees only.

In fact, this new clause also gives freedom to policyholders to mention various nominees and their contribution in the proceeds. The collector nominee can work as a trustee accountable to the legal heirs for the advantages given under the Life Insurance Premium Calculator.

In case a nominee is also mentioned as a legal heir, then he or she will be eligible to the share of the death benefit as per the succession laws. Here, insured can appoint anyone as his nominee, including a trust.

An assurance from the insurance agent that there are policies offering twice as much return, such as whole-life plans, is quite inviting. The sum assured, along with bonus and other benefits, is paid as "survival benefit" at the end of the policy term. In addition, there will be another sum assured for the entire life or up to 100 years. This would look appealing if one juxtaposes it against a term plan, which is cheaper but doesn't give any survival benefits.

Both plans target customers who want to use insurance policies as a way of doing estate planning or legacy planning. The idea is that customers buy the plan at 30 years of age, when premiums are lower, enjoy life cover for their entire lives and leave some money for their families when they pass away, which is not possible in a pure-term plan.

Generally, it has been observed that the main reason behind disputes is other legal heirs demanding rights over policy proceeds. It is advisable to appoint beneficial nominee to decrease the chances for disputes.

Selasa, 08 September 2015

Use Education Calculator to Calculate Your Child's Education Cost

Approximately 80% increase in college tuition price index was reported between 2003 and 2013 in the US. The eduction costing $10,000 today is expected to increase by $400 to $600 in a year, says an article published in the Business Insider India in July 2014. If you are planning to save for your 5 year old daughter's higher education then you can fathom how much the cost of college tuition be by the time she reaches 18.
How To Save for Your Child's College Fund

The cost of college tuition is not only rising is the US but also here is India. The HRD ministry hiked the under-graduate fees in IITs by 80% in the year 2013. More than 60% percent of parents listed the rising cost of education as their biggest worry in an online survey conducted by ET Wealth, according to an article published in The Economic Times in February 2014. Getting your son/daughter a good education from a reputed college is going to be no child's play in the coming years. Child insurance plans in India can help you fulfill this dream. These plans will ensure a steady flow of money to finance your child's education after your death. Such plans offer a lump-sum amount on death of the policyholder but the policy does not end here. Although all future premiums are waived off, the insurance company continues to invest in the policy and thus the beneficiary gets the money at specified intervals as planned under the policy. All the premiums paid under such a policy are eligible for tax deductions under section 80 C of the Income Act while the income received is tax free under section 10 (10D).

Various education calculators are available online that help to calculate the optimum cover for child insurance plans. You can calculate the sum assured according to your needs and education plan for your child. You may get an estimate according to the subject and the course level for which you are saving or according to the country and institute you might want your child to get admitted to in future. The third option is to calculate the estimate by entering in your child's current age and the age at which the higher education would start. The education calculator also takes into account the effect of inflation which makes it accurate. You may also need to provide your current savings to get an accurate estimate. Read on to know how child insurance plans help you save for your little one's higher education and how to use education calculator.

Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

Is Invoice Factoring a Good Option for Your Business?

Lack of cash flow makes it difficult for many business owners to step forward to the next level. There are nevertheless ways that can provide a feasible solution for almost any type of company.

You approach a bank for a loan, but they don't approve it. In such a scenario, the most excellent option for you is to approach an accounts receivable factoring or Financing Company. Anaccounts receivable financing Company will buy your Accounts Receivable, for example, invoices, at a cut-rate. This means that they will acquire them at a lesser rate. The seller company gets the ready money, and the accountability of collecting the unpaid amount goes to the Factoring Company. The Factoring Company collects the cash at the face value of the invoices, and thereby makes profits.

The Accounts Receivable Factoring Process

The process is reasonably straightforward. First, you need to complete an application and provide the factoring company all the essential information about your business and accounts receivables. Remember that each factoring company prefers diverse types of clients. Some would like to work with companies with yearly revenues of at least a million dollars; while others like to enter into an agreement with businesses making as little as a $5,000 per month. Furthermore, some factoring companies specialize by region or industry.

What Invoice Factoring Is?

When a firm sells invoices due in the future to a factor, which pays them funds for that invoice at present; is known as  Invoice Factoring. An invoice is a guarantee to pay money for goods or services delivered.

Invoice factoring allows you to stabilize your cash flow by converting due invoices due in 30, 60, or even 90 days into an instant working capital. It is essential to understand what invoice factoring is, how it works, whether it's correct for your business, how to decide the right factor, and the costs involved.

Is Invoice Factoring a Good Option for Your Business?

Many businesses use this to finance temporary cash flow shortfalls. It has several benefits. One of the best things about it is flexibility.A company can factor definite invoices which match their working capital requirements in terms of both dollars and timing.For instance, if you necessitate money to cover three weeks of expenses, you can choose an invoice to the factor which gives you the ready money to cover your next three weeks' value of business expenses.

Small business owners are always in need of funds. Small business financing refers to the means by which a would-be or existing business owner gets money to purchase an existing small business, set up a new small business, or bring money into a present small business to finance current or future business activity. There are many ways to fund a new or existing business, each of which features its own advantages and restrictions.

The unique small business financing program is a lifeline to small business. These business owners need financing but do not meet the exact credit and documentation requirements needed in to meet the norms.

Purchase Order Financing is a financial support opportunity for businesses that need to fill single or multiple customer orders. Purchase order financing absorbs one company paying the supplier of another company, against goods that have been ordered to accomplish a job for a customer. This is an advance and may not be for the whole amount of the supplies; however will cover a large part of it. In some cases, companies can meet the criteria for 100% financing. The purchase order finance company will subsequently gather the invoice from the customer. The purchase order finance company manages their fund by charging the company in need of funds. These fees are taken out of the collected invoice and the left behind amount is returned to the company.

Rabu, 05 Agustus 2015

Concentrate on some important steps to find business, commercial space

There are many factors and points which are involved in leasing commercial office space. The points are  Size of the Office space, transportation connectivity, safety and security, Power back up, etc. In order to to select the ideal office space that matches our requirements, we may get confused as there are a plethora of options indulged in choosing a perfect office space location for your Business. An ideal Business should have the best possible location and all the amenities including infrastructure and other operational things which are necessary for running a smooth business.

The current market position of Real Estate industry is at boom so there are multiple options for commercial office space. So it is very important that the space which you will select should go with your requirements as well as budget. It is a part of concern where we have to decide on the commercial space leasing. Don't have any idea how to bring about this goal with assurance? There are some steps which you can follow while looking for commercial leasing.

Formation and design are directly Proportional to the Lease Cost

While searching for an office space, one must keep in mind that the Formation, Design and Layout of space will decide on the factor that how much money you will pay out as a Lease Cost. An Office Space which is ready to move, will require a little expenditure on the design and layout. Moreover, you can also save some amount for the expends of other operational things.

Location is formulating aspect of the lease amount

The Location of a commercial space is one of the essential factors in determining the Overall Lease amount. The amount of lease cost, you will pay out depends on the location and amenities which are coupled with it. While Searching for an office space location, you might face a situation where you have two locations, one is more cost effective than the other one. It is suggested to observe all the positive and negative points of both locations. In doing so, you can better judge, which location is suitable as per your requirements and budget.

Choose the Best Lease Terms for your Business

It is very important to choose the best Lease terms for your Business which can suit your necessities and resources. The Lease term should correspond with an affordable price and it should be negotiable. It is suggested to carefully read all the terms and conditions mentioned in your lease term agreement.

To Find a reasonable lease cost office location, is very tedious & monotonous task. It is an unfeasible target if you search on your own. But this target can be easily achieved if you give this responsibility to the Expert Leasing Consultant. It is recommended to go to Leasing.net.in which is one of the best Lease rent groups in Gurgaon dealing with commercial rented and Pre-Rented properties. You can find number of Office spaces in Gurgaon at the Best Possible Lease Price.

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Important Things to Know When Choosing a Licensed Money Lender

Normally, most of the people are searching for a cash at short notices choose borrowing from money lenders. But, careful attention must be worked out when choosing the best Money lender. It is important to find a reliable, reputed loan company providing loans avoiding getting scammed or landing into problems. Whenever you borrowing funds from a licensed moneylender, this particular points needs to be considered:

Confirm the license of the lender:

Definitely, the company operations of several non-banking lenders aren't strictly as per the laws of their state. Don't be worried to ask question for the moneylender to point out their state license. That can help reducing the possibility of getting held in a scam. Moneylenders owning state license for doing their business don't be hesitate producing their license for full satisfaction of their clients.

Verify their features:

Once you badly need funds, you might lack lots of time to verify the credential with the lender. But, you need to require getting some basic info from the lender to verify if it is business is genuine. You are able to ask the lender for how long it continues to be in money lending business as well as their professional qualifications. You should agree it is usually better to deal with a qualified professional that has long experience in their business.

Understand their business connections of the lender:

Lenders having different business connections be more effective equipped for faster processing of your loan, when compared the lenders having small or no business contacts. Any approved moneylender might have various resources for funding the loans, which includes home loan pools, protection funds, and pools of private value.

Search for recommendations:

When carrying your own independent analysis for finding a suitable moneylender Singapore for obtaining your loan requirements, you need to take into mind the advice relating to various lenders that you're willing to approach. It is possible to gather these details from the reviews published by other clients of the lender, although the most reliable ideas are through recommendations. You may know if a particular lender charges more rate of interest compared to current market rates. Similarly, you may also k if the lender's offer has some hidden charges that could surprise you right after having acquired the loan. It is important to get all such information in advance.

And then finally, as far as possible, you must approach moneylenders directly, without having involving any middle man. The most essential advantage of a direct deal is that you simply are not necessary to pay any broker agent fee or commission to the middleman. This also allows the lender to process your application for loan without any difficulty. However, care needs to be taken to deal with reliable moneylender and not simply anyone you may find first.

Rabu, 08 Juli 2015

Why Do You Need A Savings Calculator For Retirement?

And they lived happily ever after… While making your retirement a secure prospect is not easy, it is achievable with some prudent planning, saving and investing. It is a process that takes years of persistence and requires financial discipline.

What is retirement planning?

Retirement planning is a systematic and disciplined way  to ensure that your current lifestyle is maintained even after retirement. It will help you assess whether you are retirement-ready, keeping in mind a desired retirement age and lifestyle, and financial planning to achieve these goals. It also encourages you to save, so that your plans on retirement can reach fruition.

Let's do the numbers

When planning for your retirement, lack of clarity can prove detrimental. It is essential that an individual should set realistic financial goals, and then work towards achieving them in an organised manner. Here is where a savings calculator can be of immense help.

Let us take an example. An individual invests Rs. 2.0 lakhs annually across various instruments, and plans to continue doing so for the next 20 years. Assuming an expected rate of return of 12%, the future value of investments would be in the range of Rs. 1.44 crore. This amount can be considered as the corpus that would be available to him upon retirement.

However, most people on retirement would like to maintain at least a similar standard of living as they do at present, and the estimated corpus may be insufficient. With increased life expectancies, it is crucial to ensure that your personal finances are healthy when you retire. Hence it would be prudent to put together a retirement plan factoring in inflation and re-evaluating the amount one can save until retirement.

What are the available options?

While exploring retirement solutions, savings calculators or annuity calculators in isolation may not suffice. While these tools are effective and go a long way in helping you plan, availing of the services of retirement financial advisors is a good option to explore.

Professional financial advisors can not only help you understand your current position, but help you evaluate what your requirement will be on retirement. They are financial professionals who invest their time in keeping abreast of the stock market, understand financial tools and can help you leverage them to optimise your savings. While there are several to choose from, among the best financial advisors in India today is Principal Retirement Advisors. A financial planner can help you get clarity on how much you need to save, and possibly even track your monthly expenses to save more. Providing all-round information, they can help you select the investments options so that you can fulfil all your financial goals and reach your retirement comfortably.

A quick overview of the various investment options available, choosing the right financial instruments and getting the right asset allocation builds your retirement corpus and helps you plan your retirement correctly. While it may initially seem to be a daunting task, it is one that can prove beneficial in the long run if diligently followed through.